Installing iKnowU

Step 01

Download IKnowU from the Google Play Store and install. After the installation you will find a APP in your App list called IKnowU and you can tap this to start the installation wizard that will help you install your new keyboard.

Step 02

Enabling iKnowU

Click on the first item to go into the device's setting menu. You will see the IKnowU Keyboard displayed and a dark checkbox beside it. Press your finger on the checkbox to turn on the keyboard.


Step 03

You will receive a warning like the following. Note that the IKnowU keyboard does not collect personal information and will not predict when you are entering passwords of any kind into an application on your phone. Your information remains your information at all times.

Step 04

Press the BACK key to return to the Wizard.


Step 05

If done properly you will see the smiling face next to the first step.
Press on the second step to make IKnowU your default keyboard.


Step 06

Click the ball next to IKnowU to make it the default keyboard and the window will close by itself. If done correctly you will see a happy face next to the second step.

Finally you can set the "handedness" or which hand you usually use to write. The IKnowU keyboard will customize itself to better perform based on which hand is your dominant hand.


Step 07

Choose your dominant hand and the window will close.

Next you will see a short explanation
of some of the unique
features of IKnowU such as: gesturing,
Word Chunks,
long pressing and
letter predictions.

Press the Next key to see the next piece of information.


Step 08

Once you have read the quick introductions to the various features you are ready to start typing.

The final page of the wizard will take you to watch some helpful videos so you can get the most out of your predictive keyboard, or take you to the settings where you can customize it in many ways including setting the vibration level, sound level, themes, font sizes and long press delay time. The final option will close the wizard and allow you to explore all these features on your own.