History of iKnowU

WordLogic (OTC.BB.PK) has been researching, developing and patenting predictive keyboards for over a decade. Backed with a significant investment, a team of linguistic and algorithmic PhD experts developed the most advanced predictive input technology available today – iKnowUTM.

The first patented predictive 'soft keyboard' by WordLogic was released for a Compaq iPAQ handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) way back in 2002. Do you even remember those devices? We thought you would enjoy this bit of nostalgia – take a look at one of our first promotional pieces back in the day – True Old School!

So, WordLogic really is the granddaddy of predictive keyboards for computers!
Thru the years, WordLogic has enhanced, developed, and perfected keyboards for smartphones, computers, laptops, and other mobile devices. Specific keyboard versions have been provided as assistive technology to the learning challenged as well as disabled. Helping to change people's life and improving their ability to communicate easier. WordLogic's software aids children and adults with learning or motor skill difficulties by enabling them to more effectively interact with electronic devices and associated programs. To learn more about these keyboard tools, click here.

iKnowU is the ultimate predictive and learning keyboard App for smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers!

For more information regarding WordLogic, including our patents and investor relations, please visit our corporate site. www.wordlogic.com.