How do I access the Settings?

You can access the Settings menu either from the devices Settings->Language and Keyboard menu or from within the application you can hold down on the bottom left key with the "I" in a circle and this will give you access to the Settings and Dictionary Configuration screens. Note that more options will be added to this screen over time so check after each update to see what is new. You can also access the various quick Help screens from this menu as well.

What are WordChunks ™ ?

WordChunks™ are the iKnowU keyboard's proprietary method of showing predictions to you. Due to the limited amount of space available, usually between 3 to 5 slots it is difficult to show all the likely words at once. Instead, words with a common root such as "heading", "headed" and "heads" are collapsed under the WordChunk™ of "head…". The trailing dots indicate this is a WordChunk™ and that there are additional words "beneath" this level. To access the next level of predictions press and hold down on a WordChunk™ and the display will change to show the next level down. Note that you can continue moving through the levels by holding down on your choice allowing you to rapidly enter even long and complex words with almost no effort.

What is Gesturing ™ ?

Gesturing™ is iKnowU's proprietary method of allowing you to rapidly select WordChunks™ using on your thumb or a single finger and moving only slightly in natural arcs to select the words or phrases you are interested in. You can chain down through mainly levels to find the exact word or phrase you need including hyphened words with almost no effort and at speeds that are impossible on a conventional keyboard. To access Gesturing™ start typing one or more characters in the word or phrase you are interested in and then hold down on the SPACE bar (and do not let go) to switch into Gesturing™ mode. You will see your choices in boxes along an arc which is specific to your handedness (left-handed or right-handed). Make small movements to pick your next WordChunk™, once you pick one another series of choices will be shown to you. Once you have the word or phrase you desired let go and iKnowU will enter it into you application for you.

Why do the keys highlight?

The key highlighting is iKnowU's proprietary Letter Prediction capability so as you type it will predict the next most likely letters you are interested as well as words and phrases. This makes it easier to find letters if you are not as familiar with the QWERTY layout. As well, the letters are highlighted in specific colors to indicate progress towards the word you are looking for. When the letter is highlighted in "blue" it indicates there are many possibilities left but when it changes to green, which happens quickly, it means that iKnowU has predicted your WordChunk™ and you can find it or its root in the top bar. If you prefer not to use the key highlighting it can be turned off in the Settings Menu.

How does the Long Press work?

Each key on the keyboard has an alternate which is shown in yellow to access that yellow key just hold down on the key longer than you would normally and it will be selected. If you continue to hold down a box with a number of choices will be presented. For example, on the "c" key you can get access to the copyright symbol while the default is the "%" percent sign.On the period key, using the long press will give you quick access to the ".com" and ".net" extensions commonly used in Web addresses (URLs) or emails.

How do I setup the Cloud?

In the Settings menu scroll down until you see the Cloud Sync choice – right next to it is the Login choice. Press this and enter your username and password for the Cloud. Remember to use the same username and password on all your devices that have the iKnowU Keyboard if you want them to remain synchronized with one another. When new words or writing styles are learned all your devices will be updated the next time they have a network connection.
Note: No personal information is ever sent to the cloud only learned words without their context are transferred and only to your other devices. Passwords are never predicted or learned by the system and therefore are never transferred through the Cloud.

I'm an expert, can I change the prediction/long press speed?

It's easy to become an expert with the iKnowU keyboard and once you do you'll want to enter information even faster. In the Setting menu find the "Set Long Press Timeout" option and slide the bar to the left to make the keyboard more sensitive and react faster to your entries and selections. Gesturing™ will also become more sensitive and faster making entry even quicker and more powerful. Remember, if you make a mistake all you need to do is slide to the "BACK" key to move back to the previous level and reselect.

How do I personalize my version?

The iKnowU Keyboard offers a wide variety of methods to customize your experience all of which are available from the Settings Menu. You can change the following settings to personalize the keyboard to your own preferences:

  • Vibration: You can turn on and off the vibration and also set the level of vibration
  • Sound: You can turn on and off the sound and also the level of the sound
  • Handedness: You can indicate if you are left handed or right handed
  • Theme: You can select a theme (colors) for your keyboard, there are many to choose from
  • Long Press Timeout: You can choose the delay before the long press key choices are shown
  • Font Size: You can change the font size of the predictions
  • Key Highlights: You can turn the key highlighting on and off
  • Double Space: You can choose auto-punctuation from pushing the space bar twice
  • Tablet Layout: On a tablet you can choose the layout: Full, Thumb or Split mode

What is the difference in the Free version and the Full Paid Version?

The functionality is exactly the same with the exception of the Cloud mode which limits the amount of updates that are allowed. The Free version will expire at the end of 30 days and show an indication to you that the trial has expired. Once it expires you will no longer be able to use the keyboard and no predictions will be shown to you. Thank you for trying our technology we are sure you will love it.

How do I change the Learning approach?

The iKnowU keyboard can automatically learn new words and writing styles without any user interaction but if you prefer to know when it is adding new words you can do so in the Settings menu. Click the check box next to "AutoLearning" to turn it off and on. When it is off you will also get an option to perform "In line Learning". This means that when a new words is detected the iKnowU Keyboard will ask you if you want it to learn that word. If you do, quick tap the prediction bar and keep typing. If you do not, just ignore it and it will not be added to your personal dictionary.

How do I set the priority of my dictionaries?

The iKnowU keyboard can simultaneously predict words and phrases from ten or more dictionaries at the same time. If you hold down on the lower left key of the keyboard it will take you to a menu from which you can select "Dictionary Configuration". On this screen all your currently downloaded and active dictionaries are shown. Active ones have a check box next to them. Click on the check box to turn on or off a dictionary. You can also hold down on the name of the dictionary and move it up and down to change its priority. Dictionaries of higher priority will be used first for the best predictions followed by the ones of lower priority.

What is the "Select Input Method" Notification that is appearing on my device?

In the latest version of the Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) this feature has been added for the cases when you have more than one keyboard enabled (including the default) on your device. You can try to disable the other keyboards in the device's Settings->Language and Keyboards but it may not let you turn off the default one. In that case, every time you are in a text field or entry box this notification will appear to allow you to choose your keyboard. Mainly, you can ignore it.

To change your keyboard in older versions of the Android OS, you can either pull down the device menu (on Samsung devices for example) or hold down inside the text area until menu appears. Select the "Input Method" and you can then see the iKnowU keyboard as an option. Select it and the menu will disappear and the iKnowU keyboard will activate.

Does my version work on Tablets/SmartPhones?

Yes the same version is smart enough to determine whether it is on a tablet or a smart phone and it automatically adjusts to the size and resolution. You will need a separate license for each device but the same version will run on any of your Android devices. When using it on multiple devices remember to enabled the Cloud function to keep all your various devices in sync.

How does Inline Correction Prediction™ Work?

If you have already typed a word or sentence and you notice that one of the words is incorrect, you can easily fix it using the iKnowU keyboard. Use your finger or the cursor sub-keyboard in iKnowU to move back into the word you want to change. You will notice that iKnowU detects that you have moved into an old word and begins to predict once again based on where your cursor is sitting. When you select a replacement word it will remove the old word for you and replace with the new one with no extra effort on your part.

Is the iKnowU Technology patented?

Yes, the iKnowU technology has been extensively patented and was originally developed in 1999 as one of the first touch-screen predictive keyboards on the market. There are a number of issued patents in the United States and Europe as well as a large number of patent pending applications.

How to stop iKnowU from automatically correcting every word I typed?

If you go to settings and turn off the Auto-Correct Insert function then any misspelled word you type will not be automatically corrected. You can still choose correction manually if you tap and hold down on the word.